Tips for your garden Using Bio-Active Natura Grow

The effective alternative to chemical fertilisers for the seasoned gardener

The Gardener's Calendar

Here's a handy reference to what you should be planting at various times of the year. Just add Natura Grow to see outstanding results!



Autumn is the perfect point to implement the first of your three ‘Ps’ – planning, preparation and planting – so make sure you plan how to use your Natura Grow pellets throughout the year.

Bare-rooted trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials can be planted when conditions allow. Incorporate a sprinkling of Natura Grow pellets at each planting station to aid establishment in the spring.


Finally, as winter approaches, the vegetable patch should be rough dug. Forking in Natura Grow pellets at one handful per sqM will improve soil quality and moisture retention.



Winter is the season to consult your seed catalogues and prepare for the year ahead.




In spring the vegetable patch will be ready for planting:

  • Potato setts should be positioned in rows and further pellets added
  • The area chosen for legumes can be prepared and pellets incorporated in the bottom spit to increase moisture retention and fertility later in the season

All vegetable planting will benefit from the addition of Natura Grow pellets.

Beds & Baskets

When those late-season frosts have finally thawed, incorporate Natura Grow pellets into your summer bedding to replace any faded spring displays.

Tubs and hanging baskets can be filled with the wetted Natura Grow pellets before planting for a stunning display of colour.

As the season progresses the fertility of your soil and compost can be maintained by switching to diluted liquid Natura Grow.



Faded summer growth should be removed and one handful Natura Grow pellets per sqM forked through in readiness for spring bedding plants.

Rehydrated (wetted) Natura Grow pellets can be used later in the season as a planting medium for spring-flowering bulbs in pots and troughs.

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