Natura Grow Fruit & Veg Feed 5L

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Made from only plants and nature, Natura Grow Fruit & Veg Feed will give healthy growth without the need of chemicals.

  • Bio-active and ready to use
  • Increase yield and growth
  • Oustanding results
  • Improves soil fertility


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Are you looking for great results with all your fruit and vegetables? Made entirely from plants, Natura Grow Fruit & Veg Feed is the effective alternative to chemical fertilisers, and is rich in the nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium that plants need to thrive. We are also bee, pet and vegan friendly.
How to use

Mix 100ml of feed per 4.5 litre(1 Gallon) watering can. This bottle contains enough feed for 50 watering cans.

Apply every 7 days.

Apply every 10 –14 days.

Why choose our products

Natura Grow liquid is naturally bio-active, containing macro and micro nutrients plus beneficial bacteria that help plants grow stronger and resist disease. We sow, grow and harvest energy crops on our farm in Cambridgeshire which are then fed into anaerobic digesters. This process generates gas and electricity which supplies the national grid with green energy. We then transform the by-product into Natura Grow pellets and liquid fertilisers on site, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

Safety & Storage

Wash hands after use. Keep away from children and pets. If swallowed seek medical advice straightaway. Store out of sunlight in a cool place.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 14.8 × 19.8 × 24.5 cm

Nitrogen (N) 3.47%, Phosphate (P) 1.1%, Potassium (K) 8.0%


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