About us

Natura Grow is produced by Pretoria Bio, a leading maize grower and renewable energy provider in the East of England

Who is Pretoria Bio?

Pretoria Bio was originally conceived in 2012, with the mission of supplying renewable energy from sustainable biomasses in a consistent and long-lasting manner.

We sow, grow and harvest energy crops on our farm in Cambridgeshire which are then feed into anaerobic digesters. This process generates gas and electricity which supplies the national grid with green energy. 

We then transform the by-product into Natura Grow Pellets and Liquid Fertilisers on site, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

The electricity and gas supplied by Pretoria Bio are distributed to thousands of homes in the East of England through the National Grid and the heat is utilised to dry the residues of the biomass following the digestion process.

The production process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and retains it within the biomass, and this is used as the feed stock to fuel these truly symbiotic power plants.

European Governments required companies to take the lead in dramatically reducing carbon emissions in a sustainable manner whilst still delivering a reliable and constant source of energy.


Sustainable solutions

Our aim and our challenge is to deliver sustainable products that utilise every element of our energy crops, replacing those traditional and non-sustainable products which deplete the natural resources of our planet.

Gardening and horticulture are wonderful hobbies and a true passion for many people. We sincerely hope that our new Natura Grow range will allow you to indulge this passion to its fullest extent, safe in the knowledge that you have chosen to use products which are organic and sustainable, and which have a minimal carbon footprint.

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